Education at the Royal Norwegian Naval Academy (RNoNA) has long traditions. In 1817 the “Kongelige Norske Søcadet-Institut” (Royal Norwegian Sea Cadet Institute) was opened at the then main naval base at Fredriksvern​ (Stavern), but its roots can be traced back to 1701 when the “Søcadet-Akademiet” in Copenhagen was founded to educate naval officers for the Danish-Norwegian fleet.

The main naval base and the Sea Cadet Institute were transferred to Horten 1864, and the education of naval officers continued here until 9 April 1940 when Norway was occupied by Germany. During World War 2 the Navy was reorganised and developed in Great Britain. A Naval Academy was established in London in 1941, and cadets were educated there and near Edinburgh during the war. After the war the RNoNA was temporarily placed in Oslo, but it took 15 years before the Academy was established in its present location in Wallemsviken, Laksevåg, just outside Bergen city centre, in 1960.​