NORDEFCO United Nations Logistics Officers´ course

The aim of this course is to prepare the students to deal with all aspects of UN logistics in a mission and differentiate between national and UN logistic responsibilities.

At the conclusion of the course the students will be able to be assigned as;

  • Logistic officer in a national deployed UN unit or in a national logistic staff supporting deployed UN units, 
  • Logistic staff officer in a UN Mission Headquarter

After completing the course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the logistic system within an Integrated Mission.
  • Understand how the integrated Mission affects the use of logistic units in the mission.
  • Utilize key UN logistic documents to plan, execute and control the logistic
  • Supervise the reception, distribution and archiving of UN key reports that will impact on reimbursement according to MOU, LOA and the COE system.

Student criteria:

Rank level: Captain (P2/OF2) – Lieutenant Colonel (P4/OF4) or equivalent police/civilian levels. By exception, experienced Lieutenants may be accepted.

Students from other countries: 

The courses is part of the NORDEFCO training program.

NODEFIC accepts students from other countries on a space available basis or by agreement.

Course fee:

NODEFIC does not charge any Course Fee. Food and accommodation during the course is € 100 a night. Travel expenses are to be paid by sending unit/nation.

Pre-course study material: 

NODEFIC´s e-learning courses:

Please note that our e-learning courses are not full courses, but are meant to be pre-course studies or supplementary knowledge within each subject.

Number of courses:  

1 course per year                  

Duration: 1 week      


The course will take place at the NODEFIC conference centre at Akershus Fortress in Oslo. All lectures will be performed indoors, either as plenary sessions or organised into syndicates.

There will be no test to prove that the student has passed the course.